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Testing reports and certificates.

>>Britain SGS test reports.

>>Singapore PSB certificate.

>>America ASTM test reports.

>>China GB/T certificate.

>>ISO 9001-2000certifcate.

>>Russia GOST fireproof certificate.

>>Russia Sanitary certifcate.

>>European union CE certicate.

>>Form E certifcate.

>>Form F certifcate.

>>Thailand Fireproof certificate.

PSB Certificate.

PSB certificate.

Intertek Certificate

ASTM E119-98 test reports





Kynar 500 certificate

SGS Fr test reports

ASTM Fr test reports

ISO 9001-2000





GB/T 17748-2008 PVDF panels test reports

GB/T 17748-2008 Fireproof panels test reports

Russia Sanitary certificate

Russia Gost Certificate

SGS FR test reports

SGS FR test reports

SGS FR test reports

 Form E

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