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Aluminium composite panels(ACP)

>>PVDF coating ACP.

>>Polyester coating ACP.

>>Fireproof ACP.

>>Nano PVDF coating ACP.

>>Stone color ACP.

>>Wooden color ACP.

>>Brush finish ACP.

>>Mirror finish ACP.

>>Xps thermal insulation ACP.


Aluminium sheets.

>>Mill finish alu sheets.

>>PVDF coating alu sheets.

>>Polyester coating alu sheets.

>>Anodizing alu sheets.

>>Special treatment alu sheets.



Perforated panels.

>>Aluminium louvers.

>>Aluminium ceilings.

>>Façade aluminium panels.

Pencil hardness test

Impact test

Chemical properties test

Coating thickness test

Adhesive strength test

Color different test

ISO 9001 management system is adopted in our company, the quality control traces from raw materials purchasing to end products. Each part has the detailed record for reference.
 When the paint arrive, we will make a match sample and put it in the Air Dry Oven to coat in the simulated environment of our production line. Then the coating of the sample will be same as what we produce. We will make the following test:
 1. Aberration test by visual test and Aberration Machine
 2. Salt Spray test to check paint omit etc.
 3. Acid Resistance test
 4. Alkali Resistance test
 5. Oil Resistance test
 6. Solvent Resistance test
 7. Boiling Water Resistance test
 8. Impact Resistance test
 9. Grinding Resistance test
 10. Pencil Hardness test
 If all the tests passed, we will put in production. After compositing, we will make the tests of peeling strength and Artificial Weathering Resistance etc. Meanwhile, we will take all the test reports in record for reference.
 The Laboratory has all equipments for quality test ,all the members have more than 2 year professional experience, the senior engineers are working with the person in the production lines and lab to control and inspect the quality.

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