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    Foshan Gooli Aluminium Industry Co.,Ltd is a large-scale producing corporation which specializes in manufacturing architectural, decorative, civil and industrial aluminium sheets.perforated panels. aluminium composite panels. It has been equipped with modern producing technology and combined with production, study and research. Its area is 85 000 square meters. There are 500 employees, including 86 professional and managing staff. It's an excellent and professional staff from products development, producing to marketing. At present, the annual capability is 0.30 million sqm of aluminium sheets,3.50 million sqm acp the distribution of products has covered more than 30 countries and districts all over the world.

    Gooli has modern producing machines and testing equipments, integrating the process of cutting.pounching.drilling.melting, extrusion, anodizing, electrophoresis, powder coating, fluorocarbon, thermal transfer wood grain, polish, brushing, deep process and process for aluminium products etc. The appliance of ERP System has further promoted producing efficiency and the quality of products. Obtaining and operating strictly according the certificate of ISO9001 quality system and ISO14001 environment system have ensured the quality of products improved smoothly.

   Since its inception, Gooli has continued to give much attention to providing clean and green manufacturing of Alloybond® ACPs. We have a strict environmental control system, from the acquisition of our raw materials, all the way through to the end products. We have also set up labs all over the world to test our products. As a result, the construction decoration panel products we provide have received Germanys DIN certificate, Russia and Israels fire proof certificates, U.K.s, BS476 certificate and Americas ASTM certificate. Our ACP products are sought after in the United States, Britain, Canada, Australia, South Africa, Auckland, New Zealand, Thailand, Iran, Israel, Mexico, India, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Indonesia, Syria, Libya, Ukraine, Venezuela, Brazil, and Chile

   With excellent management, technology and marketing staff, with many years' producing experience and technology, modern manufacturing equipments and excellent quality management system, Gooli will develop and innovate further to produce better products to satisfy the demand of customers all over the world.

  Contact : Alex Zhou . Email : alusheet@126.com
  Tel:0086-757-22698252 Fax:0086-757-22258227
  Factory address: Cangjiang Industrial Zone. Yanghe county.Gaoming district.Foshan.Guangdong .China.
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